AS280: Richard Carrier’s Lawsuit, with Andrew Torrez

Dr. Richard Carrier has launched a lawsuit against several parties, including prominent atheists that the listeners will likely be familiar with. You can find the details spelled out pretty well here.  I wanted to learn more about these cases in general so I invited legal expert Andrew Torrez on the show to teach us! Stay tuned at the end for my opinion on the case given everything we learn from Andrew.

Here are several relevant links, special thanks to Haeley:

Richard’s post explaining the case

The Orbit- Stephanie Zvan

Freethought Blogs- PZ Meyers

Skepticon Conference- Lauren Lane

Amy Frank- Facebook post

AS279: No Child Left Alone, Part 2

Today we delve even further into the study found here. We talk more about the implications and possible explanations for the ultimate finding, which of course was a strong effect of people evaluating the danger of a situation not based on actual risk but on moral judgment.

AS278: No Child Left Alone

For the next two episodes I bring you a fascinating discussion with two of the three researchers who conducted the study described here. This is the perfect topic for this show because it illustrates how badly our intuitions track the data sometimes. It’s also a critical issue that could affect any of us! I hope you enjoy hearing from the researchers who brought us this study as much as I did!

AS277: Tommentary on the Harris-Buress Trainwreck, Kaepernick and More

It’s Tommentary time! I’ve got a few brief thoughts on the Sam Harris Hannibal Buress conversation that went off the rails a bit. After that I offer some brief thoughts on some general themes of the overwhelming number of comments I got about the Smalley episode. Then, an impassioned talk about the Kaepernick controversy. That’s right, impassioned.

AS276: Jesus Mythicism, with Tim O’Neill, Part 2

Tim is back with much, much more on the case for why Jesus was a historical figure!

Tim blogs about history here.  Here’s an article that I used to try to grill Tim a bit on the counter arguments, for your reference.

Here’s the post he specifically mentioned responding to Carrier’s paper.

AS275: Did Jesus Exist? With Tim O’Neill

Joining me for a second appearance is Tim O’Neill! Tim blogs about history here. After Tim’s very successful first appearance on the show, many listeners asked for a follow up on Mythicism and Tim was nice enough to oblige! Here’s an article that I used to try to grill Tim a bit on the counter arguments, for your reference.

Thank you so much to all my new patrons!

AS274: David Smalley of Dogma Debate and Andrew Torrez

Listeners will know I’ve been very critical of a particular exchange David had with Andrew, so I feel absolutely obligated to give David the chance to come on the show to provide his point of view. The result is an unedited conversation between the 3 of us. Andrew and I did some commentary afterward on

Here’s the screenshot Andrew mentioned.

Here’s the PDF of the original confrontation.

AS273: The Marketplace of Ideas, with Peter Coffin

Here’s part 2 of my discussion with Peter Coffin! In this one, we finish up talking free speech and then wade into the topic of his second mini doc. This one is about what created Trump and Peter’s opinion on the marketplace of ideas.

Free Speech Video
Trump Marketplace of Ideas Video

AS272: Comedian, Satirist, Weirdo… Peter Coffin

Joining me for an extensive and wide ranging interview is comedian, youtuber, and satirist Peter Coffin! Peter has been making high quality and thought provoking mini documentaries on youtube recently, which you can find here. The first we discuss is a video that reflects on free speech and whether or not unfettered free speech is possible. The second, which we discuss in part 2, is related to the concept of a marketplace of ideas. I highly advise watching the videos before listening to these episodes!

Free Speech Video
Trump Marketplace of Ideas Video

AS271: Living Up To Smalley’s Message

I’ve gotten quite a few requests that I comment on David Smalley’s debate with PZ Meyers, so in today’s episode I do just that. Smalley has a message of putting aside our petty differences in service of the atheism movement as a whole. Find the Patheos article here. Find out my take on his post and on his debate, and whether or not David has lived up to his own message. As a hint, see the attached PDF.

PDF of the Smalley-Torrez interaction

The above interaction was on a public Facebook post and is viewable by anyone, so I’m PDFing it for ease.

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