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About This Atheist Podcast

An Atheist Podcast for the Thoughtful!

Atheistically Speaking was created by long-time podcaster and cat lover Thomas Smith. Thomas’s aim was for A.S. to not simply be another angry atheist podcast. We have plenty of those and they are doing a great job. Thomas’s goal was to create a different species of atheist podcast – one that takes a deep look into nearly any issue.

When listening to Atheistically Speaking, one can always be sure that all sides will be represented to the best of the host and/or guest’s ability. One thing that makes atheism so unique is that atheists only need to agree on one issue: simply that there is not enough evidence for theism. Apart from that, there are an uncountable number of ideas that atheists might disagree on. For example, are all atheists pro-choice? Not necessarily.. Are all atheists liberal? Not quite. Just when you try to lump all atheists into one category or another, this atheist podcast shows you things are NOT so simple.

Some past guests include:

Cognitive Dissonance,  click here for their podcast!

Adam Reakes, click here for his podcast!

Scathing Atheist and CJ Werleman, find Scathing Atheist here!

Massimo Pigliucci, find him here!

Ryan Born, find Ryan here!

Hemant Mehta, find the Friendly Atheist here!

About the Host:

Thomas Smith began podcasting with a simple idea. He had always wanted to read the bible for himself, so why not share his reading with others in podcast form? Though the idea ended up being nearly suicidal and extremely hazardous to Thomas’s mental well-being, Thomas and the Bible was born, and so was Thomas’s prolific podcasting career. (Incidentally, so were many similarly themed podcasts…) Since then, Thomas has done his best to use his background in theatre and a little bit of philosophy schooling to bring both thoughtfulness and humor to the atheism community.

Taking a clear, rational look at atheism and surrounding issues!