AS5: Atheist Churches

Should atheists have churches?  Find out what the guys think about this as well as bogus positive thinking experiments and nuns opting out of Obamacare.

AS4: Is Atheism a Privilege for the Wealthy?

Have you been frustrated when you’ve heard anyone say atheism a privilege for the wealthy? You’d better listen to find out how the guys deal with this obnoxious claim!

AS3: A Look at Atheism Online

In this episode, Thomas and David discuss the article “Why I’m Leaving the Online Atheism Community” my Martin Pribble.  Will they find it convincing or not terribly compelling?  Find out!

AS2: Atheists and Holidays, Part 2

It’s a William Lane Craig special here!  He gave a gift of 5 terrible reasons why atheists are wrong and we kindly disprove all of them for him!

AS1: Atheists and Holidays, Part 1

In the inaugural episode, David and Thomas give personal introductions, objectives for the show, and then discuss the first topic:  atheists and Santa Claus.

Taking a clear, rational look at atheism and surrounding issues!

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