AS102: Charlie; Patron of the Week Adrian

Today I have some quick thoughts on your comments from the last episode, and then a great Patron of the Week, Adrian!

Also, I talked about the terrible stuff that happened with Noah of Scathing Atheist. Here’s the link to the page to donate to the people who helped salvage the situation:

One thought on “AS102: Charlie; Patron of the Week Adrian”

  1. You’re not going to like this but here goes. You and jake discussed a islamic female convert that sent you an e-mail defending islam. You praised her for being so polite and thoughtful toward the biker rally.
    Have you never read the koran or worse yet has she never read the koran.Or not looked at the PEW polls about apostasy. I would like to know what islam she’s writing about ,it’s not any that koran. All I have to say is look at the polls as to what percentage of muslems think that apostates should be killed.
    She reminds me of christions that know nothing about the bible. They both talk a good talk but know nothing about their holy books.I know you and Jake know about the koran so why would you let her get away with distorting her holy book. I listen to both of your podcasts.

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