AS104: Secular Parent Panel, Part 1

At last, it’s here! The secular parent panel we’ve all heard so much about! This was a ton of fun, and I really appreciate the three panelists coming on to share their experiences as atheist parents in a not so atheist world.

Questions we considered were, should we raise our kids with the Santa myth? What are the positive or negative consequences of that? Is it just a white lie or is lying to your kids always wrong? There may be no easy right answers to these questions but join us as we consider them.

One thought on “AS104: Secular Parent Panel, Part 1”

  1. My prior comment was in response to you implying that racist caricatures are inherently racist without regard to context. The cartoon of the black justice minister as a monkey for example was criticism of the right wing party who made a thinly veiled racist joke about her involving the word banana which can also mean smile to the French. In that context, like my Obama example, such a caricature is not racist.

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