AS108: ISIS; Huckabee’s Brilliance

Well you’ve no doubt heard what’s in the news. ISIS is terrible. I discuss some difficult questions involved. Then, since we all went through that ordeal, I give us a nice easy issue: Huckabee’s take on gay marriage! It’s pretty horrendous.

2 thoughts on “AS108: ISIS; Huckabee’s Brilliance”

  1. OK I watched the video. I’d never watched one before, but I actively sought it out to do so, and I’ll tell you why. I’ve been hearing about these horrific acts, by ISIS lately, but beheading’s, and stoning’s in Islamic countries in general for so long that I’d almost become immune them. I needed a graphic reminder that these are real things happening to real people. It was so horrible I literally vomited, beyond that I have no words.

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