AS113: Intellectual Honesty Is Important

… And CJ Werleman doesn’t have it. In this 24 hours late episode, my voice is still sounding a little rough, but better than it did. I had a few interactions with the infamous CJ Werleman, and it has now hit a critical mass with me. In this episode I identify 3 times that CJ has been very loose with facts. This is just not a good way to be if you ever want to change anyone’s mind on anything. Even if I agree with CJ on some things, I can’t trust him as a journalist anymore.

One thought on “AS113: Intellectual Honesty Is Important”

  1. CJ is just so infuriating. I live in Houston and I assure you, the local media repeatedly asked after the motive at the initial press conference with law enforcement, who declined to answer, stating that would be addressed later by the local DA. Local media was doing its job.

    If you call him out on his mistakes and CJ does NOT issue a correction, or worse, doubles down, then yeah, his credibility drops to near zero.

    It’s unfortunate, because he’s not wrong about cynical Cold War US foreign policy playing a large role in creating the conditions that gave rise to violent Islamists in the world…there’s a lot of truth to that…but we secular liberals still have to DEAL with violent Islamists somehow. They have to be contained. Unlike the Neocons I think this means more vigorous police work than military operations. But sticking one’s head in the sand and claiming ISIL, Al Qaida, et. al. are only about anti-imperial struggle and have nothing to do with Islam the way CJ seems to do is asinine. CJ is a propagandist, not an honest journalist. He’s a walking stereotype of a knee-jerk hyper-PC cartoon liberal that is an utter embarrassment to genuine left-leaning liberals such as myself. Idiotic conservatives meanwhile will lump the likes of CJ and me together under the same broad “SJW” epithet, which is equally infuriating.

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