AS136: Being Raised A Mormon Girl, Part 2

Megan is back for part 2 about being raised as a female Mormon. It’s quite a bit different than as a male.. Also, NCMOs are real!

Here’s some of the resources/links Megan mentioned:

Also if you’d like to contact Megan, she was kind enough to offer her email at

Thanks for listening!

4 thoughts on “AS136: Being Raised A Mormon Girl, Part 2”

  1. The sound quality was very poor and difficult to listen to. At one point as she was talking about her experience in the temple and being asked by her fiancé about her time with the woman she answered with something unintelligible. You commented back with exclaim. What did she say? It was around the 34 minute mark.

    1. Yeah sorry, Megan’s connection was really bad. I did what I could. I listened back and I think the part you’re talking about she came out of the temple to her family and stuff and said “I’ve got to leave.”

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