AS145: Ex-Mormon, Rondale

This week’s guest is another ex-Mormon, but coming with yet another unique perspective. I’ll give you a hint, he wouldn’t have been allowed in the church before 1978.

2 thoughts on “AS145: Ex-Mormon, Rondale”

  1. The bird thing, ya you were almost right Thomas. You could hang on to the wire with both hands and not get electrocuted.

    The reason we get electrocuted is because we need to step onto the wire while holding or stepping on something else at the same time and that completes the circuit.

    If we could jump 20 feet up and just hang on, then we would be fine, then we let go and fall to the ground and be fine because of the separation.

    Birds of course fly right onto the wire so they are fine.

    Its why when you crash into a hydro poll with wires flung across, you should stay in the car until authorities turn off the power.

    Stepping out of the car will kill you as one leg is in the car and one touches the ground.

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