AS150: Pale Blue Dot, Part 2

We round out our first book club book with a couple more interviews. Then, what better way to take us out than with the man himself, Carl Sagan, reading his most beautiful passage ever.

2 thoughts on “AS150: Pale Blue Dot, Part 2”

  1. Thomas you were talking about how when you contemplate the complexity of the processes in our body you can understand why people imagine their must be a designer involved. While imagining that isn’t necessarily unreasonable I do think it unreasonable to imagine the designer was an all powerful God. I mean if you’re talking about a God who can literally breath life into inanimate objects there would be no need for complexity. We could be as simple as a stuffed animal,or a wood carving brought to life.

  2. While I lived through the CFC issue, I don’t remember what kind of pushback on the science there was at the time. Were there ozone depletion deniers?


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