AS152: An Atheist In A Muslim Country, Part 2

Today we continue the discussion with Adrian, an atheist who lives in a majority Muslim country. Lots more interesting stuff on part 2! Take a listen!

One thought on “AS152: An Atheist In A Muslim Country, Part 2”

  1. Living in Canada I heard a lot about the mountain top nudists. The two Canadians were brother and sister, which I thought was weird regarding nude pictures. They are back in Canada after having paid a fine and being deported. The press here covered it pretty heavy, the public reaction was mixed. Everybody thought the law and the earthquake blaming was pretty dumb but there wasn’t much sympathy for the travelers either. People, myself included, thought they were fairly stupid for pulling a stunt like that in a muslim country. When they returned home they were ushered out a side door of the airport so the media couldn’t grill them. It’s stories like this that make me never want to visit a muslim country, not that I’d pull a stunt like they did, but I’d be too on edge that I might violate some taboo I not aware of.

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