AS167: Ex-Baha’i Sahar

Sahar is an ex-Baha’i and she is here to tell us all about it! She very recently came to the realization that she is an atheist, and one of the things that she claims has helped her through this process is hearing from the ex-religious on my show. So, in that spirit, I figured we ought to hear her story and maybe it will help others!

Here are some links Sahar references:

For more information on the Bahai Faith:

For the Universal House of Justice Response to Homosexuality (available on Huffington Post):
For the Gay/Lesbian Bahai Story Project:



One thought on “AS167: Ex-Baha’i Sahar”

  1. Sahar is a wonderful guest. I was completely ignorant of Baha’i, and this was a well thought-out introduction to the faith. I can see why it is appealing to many, yet I totally understand why she is an Agnostic Baha’i. It seems to me that she has a lot of respect for it even if she isn’t a Beliver.
    Am I the only one who kept thinking of the Super Friends each time the Hall of Justice was mentioned.

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