AS171: Secular Parent Panel, Part 3

The final installment of the secular parent panel on dealing with the topic of sex and porn.

Also, important announcement! First ever Atheistically Speaking Live Debate! Find the details here!

2 thoughts on “AS171: Secular Parent Panel, Part 3”

  1. I identified so much with, I think it was Angie, who was talking about the shame, and discomfort she has to this day regarding sex. I stopped believing in God in my teens, but didn’t have sex until my early 20’s, and had those same feelings of shame over things like masturbation, or sexual thoughts I would have, until my mid, to late 20’s. It was much easier to get over the Catholic indoctrination regarding God than it was where sex was concerned.

    1. I wanted to clarify a bit. My point was it was much easier getting over God intellectually than emotionally. I think that’s where the real damage comes from, and why I firmly believe religious indoctrination is child abuse. My family wasn’t even that religious, my father was in fact an atheist (which I wasn’t aware of until I abandoned God myself). I can only imagine the scars that come from growing up in a very religious setting.

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