AS175: Justin Schieber vs Robert Johnson, Part 1

The first ever Atheistically Speaking live debate! Thanks so much to those who participated! If you’d prefer to watch the debate, you can definitely do so by following this link:

Or you can listen to the podcast version which has slightly better audio.


3 thoughts on “AS175: Justin Schieber vs Robert Johnson, Part 1”

  1. But seriously, folks . . .

    Your premises rely on God agreeing to be bound by your logic and definitions and God isn’t even watching, must less playing along.

    QED: Poof!

  2. I find it curious that there’s this deep discussion about God and what His nature is (or isn’t), and yet He is just completely silent. Wouldn’t His direct input be helpful? Theres people who really want to know, right? It’s like, “You guys can just talk about me and try to figure me out. I’ll just watch silently.”

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