AS180: Anti-Science In Canada

Joining me this week is a scientist from Canada who goes by the name Krakus. @DrVarsovian on Twitter. He’s here to talk about anti-science attitudes and politics in Canada. Did you think the US had it bad with our religious right wing? Well, turns out America’s hat is not doing too much better… find out why!

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6 thoughts on “AS180: Anti-Science In Canada”

  1. As a funny aside to the election up here in Canada at the beginning of the campaign (this campaign will last 78 days the longest in modern times) the conservative party was focusing on their presumptive major rivals and their leader Justin Trudeau. Justin is a youngish (43) handsome guy who’s father was a very popular prime minister(the phrase Trudeaumania was popular then), The weird thing is all their attack ads ended by commenting on how nice Justin’s hair was, this was in like 7-8 ads it was a strange obsession that they’ve only now dropped since he started polling ahead of the conservatives.

  2. Hey Derek,

    As you probably know, the TheoCons have a visceral hatred for Trudeau senior for both the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and also for the National Energy Plan (especially Alberta). As for Trudeau, let’s face it, he has nice hair and is easy on the eyes (or so I’m told).

    Unfortunately some folks think that he should pay for the (perceived) sins of his father.

    What may be funny to the non-syrup-slurpers (non-Canucks) out there is that if Trudeau becomes PM, he will probably be the only PM to have had been a former snow boarding instructor, former teacher, former model at a charity burlesque show and someone who beat a standing senator in a boxing match. Yes, that’s right, our politicians box each other.

    As I mentioned in the show, I don’t endorse any specific party but the thought of TheCons becoming apoplectic if Trudeau wins makes me giddy.

  3. As a budding scientist in Canada, this podcast was very informative and timely. Thanks Thomas and Krakus.

  4. Hey Mennonitesausage,

    Hope this doesn’t discourage you from pursuing greatness. Remember, science is more of a vocation, not a profession – you have to love the act of pursuing knowledge and know that failure is the norm, not the exception. Best of luck!

    1. Hah, as I write up my PhD thesis while scrambling to do some last minute experiments in an attempt to produce more positive data, I’m well aware that failure is the norm, not the exception 😉
      Also, I know this is asking a lot, but is it possible to get a transcript of this podcast, complete with sources? (I assume there’s software to do the transcription part?) My (fundamental, conservative) family is going off on Facebook about how Harper was the best, we’re all doomed, etc., and I’d like to have a discussion with them about a lot of the issues you brought up. The anti-science, but also the anti-information, the treatment of aboriginals, the anti-climate change stance. Alternatively, is there a good central source on the internet I can find this info?

  5. Hey, no worries on the transcription thing. I got off my ass and did my own homework last night.

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