AS195: Eli Bosnick, Part 2

The funniest man on the planet is back for part 2 to talk about SJW issues further. Be sure to let me know your opinions on this episode, because I think these issues are important and controversial. I’ll be addressing your comments in the next Tommentary.

Some links Eli referenced:

4 thoughts on “AS195: Eli Bosnick, Part 2”

  1. I really enjoyed this discussion. Really it isn’t a problem to hear extra of this topic as I learned a lot of things about this topic that I have not heard before as a cis straight male. Even with the overlap with Cog. Dis. it wasn’t as bad as you were implying, I enjoyed listening to both with gusto!

  2. From listening to the past couple episodes with Eli it seems to me that he has a preference to believe the most sensational version of the story, that also happens to support his side. He also seems to dismiss most mainstream reporting on account of “bias”. He does admit he could be wrong and welcomes correction, but I disagree with his vetting process for info. Don’t get me wrong, the state of journalism today is sad indeed, but the problem certainly isn’t a bias away from sensational inflammatory details. The media is all about hyping poorly sourced but exciting stories, if they could have found the faintest whisper of truth to some of Eli’s details (I’m thinking the gun shooting KKK and the katrina party) they would have shouted it from the mountain tops. All media is at least somewhat left/right biased but their true bias is towards the sexy/exciting/controversial, something that draws clicks and comments and a nice juicy story about gun toting racists, or douchebag frat boys seems right up their alley, not something they would sideline for vague political reasons.

  3. An interesting study in letting someone dig their hole as deep as they can. Eli’s heart is in the right place, but he needs to learn to not just repeat whatever crazy rumors he hears as if they are fact. Funny that Eli predicts that response by saying something like “people will find one little thing wrong and then throw out my whole argument”, but, for example, the KKK being at the missouri protests was a very important point in his argument. The fact that it’s completely made up does actually call it into question, as well as calling into question all the other crazy facts that seem very unlikely, and don’t fit anything I’ve read, but I don’t have time to look up.

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