AS225: Andrew Torrez on Scalia’s Legal Activism

Have you always known Scalia was the worst but didn’t quite have the legal expertise to say exactly why? I’ve got the podcast for you! My guest is Andrew Torrez who is a graduate of Harvard Law and owns his own practice in Baltimore, and he’s got some great blog posts on things like Scalia and how despite what conservatives say, he was the one doing all the legal activism. This one had my blood boiling! Join me in not lamenting that Scalia is no longer polluting the Supreme Court with his crap rulings! Or if you disagree that’s cool too and feel free to comment and tell me why.

Find Torrez’s blog post here.

4 thoughts on “AS225: Andrew Torrez on Scalia’s Legal Activism”

  1. You guest cited Lawrence V. Texas as the Flag Burning case. However, that is a case about sodomy and Scalia dissented in that case.

    Flag burning was Texas V. Johnson. Both cases were divided decisions.

  2. What a great guy! Very nice interview. Easy going and enjoyable. Left me feeling all optimistic.

    Sadly I don’t have anything interesting to say about it, though. Just throwing some praise your way. To both of you.

  3. I would love to know what you or andrew think about how scalia rationaised his citizens united decision. To say corporations can spend money on elections and later admit it would have an influence. The constitution and founding fathers never said corporations were people or had the same rights as people. It is not like corporations didn’t exist back then.

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