AS232: Finding Uncommon Ground

Today’s episode was scheduled to be a Tommentary, but after a back and forth with a listener by the name of Ben Young, I decided to have him on for a little chat in place of my normal monologuing! We touch on a number of different topics involving the infamous Gad Saad story, blocking people on Twitter, etc. But also, several good thoughts came out of this that I’m very glad for. One of them is the notion of finding common ground with people I disagree with vs. finding uncommon ground with people I agree with. I find the latter to be much much more interesting and Ben feels differently. I wonder how you guys feel on that one? Listen and let me know what you think!

One thought on “AS232: Finding Uncommon Ground”

  1. what no comments? I thought this was a particularly fantastic episode, some really good conversation, would have been happy to see a part 2.

    .. the ending cutoff was super awkward though lol

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