AS24: The Girl Who Asked the Question, with Tracey Moody

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This is part 2 with Tracey Moody. In this episode we discover that Tracey was THE one who asked the question “What, if anything, would change your mind?” at the Ham v Nye debate!!  This was total happenstance but was a very fortunate coincidence.

You can find Tracey at

2 thoughts on “AS24: The Girl Who Asked the Question, with Tracey Moody”

  1. I was very pleased with Tom and David discussing important topics that atheists definitely need to air to one another. However, with David no longer able to participate, it’s turning into yet another interview show. Far too many of those out there already.
    If Tom engaged every guest in a discussion of an important topic, instead of simply giving the guest another platform to push their own podcast/blog/book/whatever, I might stay tuned. Since AS is trending towards the latter, I think I’ll drop this show from my list of downloads.
    And sorry, but I’m unemployed right now. I find it annoying that people with jobs are insisting I give them money.
    With almost every single atheist-oriented podcast jumping on the latest fad in money collection, I’m beginning to reconsider downloading any podcasts at all. I’m tired of being guilt-tripped. It’s one of the reasons I dumped the whole religion thing!

    1. Rick, let me first say that I see your concern about it turning into another interview show. I’m adding more and more segments that are not that and I would really encourage you to stick with it at least another week. I do have another guest but Noah and I challenged him a ton and there is way more to the episodes this week than just this interview. Give me another week and let me know if I lived up to your expectations.
      That being said, I’m pretty annoyed by your comments regarding money. I do not believe that I’ve been guilting anyone on this show. I’ve specifically designed my Patreon around bonus content. You can feel free to pay nothing for the show or you can feel free to pay a tiny amount to have access to a bunch of EXTRA stuff that I’ve put yet more hours into. Since you don’t have a job I’d recommend you not pay. I think it’s incredibly entitled of you to just expect that I’m going to work 20+ hours a week just to give you a free product and I shouldn’t be allowed to produce even MORE and ask that people pay for it. It’s a weird attitude to have that people ought to just work their asses off for podcasts and not ever get any money for them. Don’t you see how that’s a bit selfish? Some podcasts don’t take much work, mine does. I literally have done nothing but go to work and then work on this show for a couple weeks now. So frankly, you’re way out of line on this.
      That being said, again feel free not to contribute. And I will not let it turn into just an interview show.

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