AS244: Sean Carroll, Part 2

We’re back for more with Dr. Sean Carroll! This time it’s even more action packed. We talk about his debate with William Lane Craig, which I think is one of the best atheism/religion debates out there on the YouTubes. In addition to that, we talk about the Boltzmann Brain Problem, and Sean answers questions from patrons, who submitted them over on

Find Sean’s new book here!

3 thoughts on “AS244: Sean Carroll, Part 2”

  1. I don’t get his position on falsify-ability. I’ve usually heard falsify-ability used in reference to a scientific theory rather than science generally and that’s what Carroll seemed to be referring to. And my understanding is that a scientific theory should also be predictive, not just falsifiable.

    To use his multiverse example (which Carroll refers to as a scientific theory), if Popper were presented with that theory, I don’t see why he would consider it it any more or less scientific than the intelligent design theory.

    I have a poor imagination – could someone present a theory that is observable (ie: inhabits our physical/material universe), but is not testable/falsifiable?

    1. Is there a predictability test that the multiverse theory hasn’t failed? But wait a sec, if there was a prediction and a test, wouldn’t that be falsify-ability?

      It’s my understanding (NOT a cosmologist, physicist, etc) that the multiverse/many worlds theory is based on observations after the fact. I think someone smart like Thomas would refer to that as post-hoc rationalization. And how do you avoid Texas sharpshooters when doing science like that?

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