AS25: Are Atheists Ignorant About Islamic Terrorism? with CJ Werleman and Noah Lugeons

Thank you, amazing Patreon Patrons!!!! Then, another week of Tommentary, which was well received in it’s debut. After that, Thomas has CJ Werleman and Noah Lugeons on to discuss CJ’s contentious article “How Hatred of Islam Creates Strange Bedfellows of Christians and Atheists.” Listeners who like Atheistically Speaking on Facebook will know that Thomas has some disagreements with this piece and CJ is a standup guy who was willing to come on and field all questions.

CJ’s article can be found here:

One thought on “AS25: Are Atheists Ignorant About Islamic Terrorism? with CJ Werleman and Noah Lugeons”

  1. I enjoyed your discussion with CJ. I would like to add a few points. Religion is a convenient tool for geo-political ends. If we are skeptics and critical thinkers we should have a look at whether the radicalization has increased or decreased since the Wests foreign policy in the Middle East. I particularly have seen the changes in Lebanon and it has been a slide into extremism.
    The issues that the Middle East has with the US foreign policy include factors such as the coup in Iran, Chile and Indonesia. The continued funding of Saddam Hussein and other repressive governments in the region has not helped the situations.
    The inequality and injustice on the treatment of the Palestinian people is a continued rallying point for the emotional influence of the populace.

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