AS259: 2nd Amendment Masterclass, Part 2

Andrew Torrez is back for the exciting conclusion of his 2nd Amendment Masterclass. Everything you need to know in order to speak from a more educated perspective on the 2nd Amendment!

4 thoughts on “AS259: 2nd Amendment Masterclass, Part 2”

  1. Loved the 2nd amendment stuff. But I must comment on the Bush Gore election. It’s not fair to blame Bush’s election on Nadar. The data show that about 90,000 people in Florida voted for Nadar. But about 200,000 Democrats voted for Bush. So which 500 or so votes elected Bush? If Gore had won his own home state, a state in which Nadar had almost nothing, and a candidate winning his home me state is something which almost always happens, he would have won the presidency even with losing Florida. And there is evidence that Gore actually did win Florida if the full recount had been allowed to happen. So let’s call it like it is: Bush became President for lots of reasons and the top of the list are the Supreme Court decision and cheating. It’s totally not fair to call Nadar the DECIDING factor.

  2. These were two excellent episodes, guys. Or two halves of one great episode, or whatever. There was a lot in there I did not know—and did not not know I didn’t know. Thanks!

  3. Wow, this was both informative and interesting. I know this went very long, but one subject that was never touched on, in all your discussions on guns, is the gun lobby.
    The GUN LOBBY and the NRA have prevented firearm technical design improvements, firearm health discussions by pediatricians, firearm violence studies by the government, and background check legislation, as well as mounting a fear campaign to drive up sales. The NRA is a shill for firearm manufacturers, even while it presentes itself as a citizen hobbiest group. NRA members support background checks, NRA lobbies against them. No other lobbying group has ever had 1/10th the power of the NRA. What can we do? At least we can lay bare and call out their lies and antisocial actions.

  4. Disappointing. The host is anti-gun, the guest is pro gun-control. Contra Andrew Torrez, Eugene Volokh has pointed out that 2A protects an individual right, see his video on youtube. Maybe on Serious Inquiries Only podcast, you can get a pro gun lawyer to debate the 2nd amendment rather than this anti-gun lovefest masquerading as a “masterclass”.

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