AS263: Sarah Haider

Joining me this week is Sarah Haider! Sarah is someone I’ve wanted to have on the show for quite a while. You likely saw her talk on YouTube to the AHA which went viral and became quite a sensation in the atheist community. Sarah also co-founded an organization called Ex-Muslims of North America! In part 1, we discuss her background and some really interesting information on Islam and what it was like for her to immigrate from Pakistan at an early age. If you would like to hear the full interview early, make sure to check out that and other great bonus content over on!

9 thoughts on “AS263: Sarah Haider”

    1. You are kidding right? Because Islam is the root cause of the backward collapse of the middle east. Nothing else.

  1. In response to drinking and Islam- I met a Muslim at a bar a few months ago so I (politely) questioned him on the topic. His understanding of the controversy is in reference to the Old Testament.

    Ephesians 5:18- Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.

    So he doesn’t drink wine. Easy.

      1. Still off topic …

        I look forward to T&theB being finished, at which point all the text of the bible can be referenced as Podcast #X mm:ss instead of Book Chapter:Verse.

        Someone just needs to transcribe every verse to the right second.

      2. I realized that mistake just after posting it. My assumption was that Muslims only recognized parts of the Old Testament because of Moses.

  2. What a great show. I am an ex-Muslim and really felt, understood, and loved the discussion. I’ll take more of that please!

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