AS265: A Defense of Evolutionary Psychology

Some time ago, I had Richard Carrier on to discuss an article he wrote that harshly criticized Evolutionary Psychology as a pseudo-science. Well, at long last, we now get a chance to hear from the  other side! Joining me is someone with deep knowledge of the field. A listener named Lindsey! She shares her credentials in the show, after I totally forget to ask her them.

Check out the Google Drive folder Lindsey set up with links!

One thought on “AS265: A Defense of Evolutionary Psychology”

  1. Yeah, that’s the problem – taking the hypothetical “women are bad at maths” example, what some on the intersectional-identity-political Left don’t like is precisely that a fair and just system (in the classical liberal sense) would produce an unequal result in terms of numbers.

    They understand very well that evo psych wouldn’t justify positive discrimination, and they understand very well the principle of judging a candidate on their presented competence, they just reject the individualistic basis on which those are principled stances.

    What they don’t like is that justice and fairness in the classical liberal sense (judging individuals on merit) would produce a result of unequal numbers, because for them equality is itself the absolute primary consideration – i.e. equality has been elevated to a supreme ideal with a quasi-religious status.

    The insanity has to stop.

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