AS267: Just How Close Was Al Gore to Being President?

Andrew Torrez is here to tell you, he was REALLY REALLY close. Andrew takes us through the background politically and through was he views as some mistakes the campaign made that cost Gore the election and maybe America, dearly. Andrew also takes us through the legal intricacies and implications of the election and Bush v. Gore.

After that there’s an EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!! Hint, it has something to do with this link.

2 thoughts on “AS267: Just How Close Was Al Gore to Being President?”

  1. At the start of this Rachel Maddow segment they talk about the flip-flop ‘I was for it before I was against it’ statement. They explain how quoting out of context is required learning for political speakers. I recommend listening to the first 5 minutes of that video.

    The key is that he voted for giving the troops the support they needed on it’s own. That vote failed. But he voted against a different version of the bill that he thought was bad for the US.

  2. I saw that episode, and I think Rachel agrees with us that it was the optics of Kerry’s statement that was just plain terrible. We also diss poor Michael Dukakis in episode 2, I believe.

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