AS272: Comedian, Satirist, Weirdo… Peter Coffin

Joining me for an extensive and wide ranging interview is comedian, youtuber, and satirist Peter Coffin! Peter has been making high quality and thought provoking mini documentaries on youtube recently, which you can find here. The first we discuss is a video that reflects on free speech and whether or not unfettered free speech is possible. The second, which we discuss in part 2, is related to the concept of a marketplace of ideas. I highly advise watching the videos before listening to these episodes!

Free Speech Video
Trump Marketplace of Ideas Video

7 thoughts on “AS272: Comedian, Satirist, Weirdo… Peter Coffin”

  1. That was 45 minutes of two people talking about a topic and not letting anyone else know what they were referring to. If you are not willing to name names or go into details then there is no point having a discussion about it for a wider audience.

    Content is king but context is god.

    I think from now on when people talk about cryptic incidents I’m going to assume the worst possible scenario and make up my own context.

    Hopefully part two will be better. I do not blame Thomas at all, he asked a few times for context but didn’t get it. Just frustration to listen to.

    1. This isn’t so much a response at you but I wasn’t goin to comment until I saw your comment and wanted to say my piece about Coffin and answer your question:

      When I saw Peter Coffin’s name pop up, I immediately thought “oh god Eli Bosnick sent one of this clowns videos to Thomas”.

      I wanted to give Eli the benefit of the doubt that he was just an ideologue but still managed to stay away from the bad apples on the regressive left (Peter Coffin is the definition of an SJW) but man….goddamn… I wish I was right.

      I really didn’t want to listen to this (peter coffin isn’t worty of attention) but when I saw your comment I thought “I bet I know exactly who that coward Coffin is talking about” and, YUP, I was right.

      He’s talking about Gamergate.

      He decided to disprove a consumer revolt that is against agenda pushing, lies, manipulation, and collusion in the media (particularly gaming) by writing a bunch of utter b.s. articles lying about GG while pushing a far left nonsense agenda.

      Upset that Dave Rubin doesn’t push back against Milo enough? I’m waiting for ONE journalist/blogger/etc to demand evidence from any of these clowns who have written well over 1k articles making VERY SPECIFIC accusations against GamerGate and only ever sourcing one another’s allegations as evidence.

      Coffin went on a rampage last year LYING about the movement(objectively, but he’s too much of a P to argue with a supporter about it since he’d rather just make baseless accusations from the comfort of his home) and was ultimately turned into a meme because he decided the best way to progress society is to pal around with ideologues like Jonathan Mcintosh who is, no doubts about it, one of the most insane people on the planet.

      Do a google search on “peter coffin full mcintosh”. You won’t regret it.

      The only funny thing that will ever be associated with Peter Coffin is his Encyclopedia Dramatica page (trust: it’s amazing).

      The only thought Peter Coffin will ever provoke is “how in god’s name does this clown call himself a liberal when he stands against just about every principle liberalm stands for?”.

      These anti-free speech free expression stances are NOT liberal. I get so frustrated when ‘progressives’ call themselves liberals and then liberals claim I’m ‘progressive’ when I tell them to stop using that word in relation to me because every time I’m called one I have to drink bleach to wash away the disgust.

      Progressive is a nonsense word (it has no more meaning than ‘family values’) co-opted by ideologues who believe censorship is liberty.

      Liberal is everything they are not.

      If you’re going to use your channel to promote the likes of Coffin and Bosnick, which is entirely your perogative and I would never deem to stop you (unlike coffin and bosnick who want to censor people like Milo), I ask that you please never ever criticize anyone else for their choice of guests again.


      I’m out…

      Peter f’ing Coffin haha….

      not in a million years.

      Whatever people think about GamerGate (in a world where Islam is the fastest growing religion, I won’t begrudge people their wrong opinions) ask yourself this:

      Imagine if a dozen sites all wrote 1K+ articles about how feminism is toxic and exists entirely to destroy men and gave descriptions of feminism as an anti man movement with the sole intent of destroying manhood and each article had several explicit accusations of wrongdoing (in a criminal sense) going as far as to call them a hate group without ever promoting any real empirical/legal evidence and every article was written by a strident anti-feminist, would you think that is balanced journalism?

      Or, would you wonder why the likes of CNN, MSNBC, CBC, ABC, Guardian, Gawker, Polygon, Kotaku, Jezebel, Mary Sue, Ars Technica, Wired, Time, NPR, Huffington Post etc let the opposition of a movement define the movement – instead of supporters – and why not a single one of them could produce empirical evidence or even the name of a single person who was convicted (or even charged) of a single crime that they accused the movement of?

      Trust me, it’s not nearly as hyperbolic as it sounds. This is exactly what happened and Peter Coffin is part and parcel of it. He’s a clown with zero respectability.

      1. I know nearly nothing about Gamer Gate. Like literally nothing. I didn’t even know enough to know what I didn’t know. I will continue to criticize guest choice because I am fully willing to have guests on of both sides and challenge them. I honestly don’t even understand your comment because I don’t know anything of this weird toxic mess that you’re referring to, but I will address this on the show at some point. So, I hereby apologize for not having the requisite knowledge to challenge Peter on whatever it is that you’re talking about. Maybe some day I can wade into Gamer Gate but I just have no fucking clue and it looks like a mess.

        1. I figured as much. But at least now you see why it’s not always so easy to vett people.

          And I learned something today: what it feels like to have someone I despise be given a platform when he has shit on and lied (objectively) about people I’m close to and care about in real and damaging ways with the intent to do real damage to them.

          I think I’m going to find a new podcast. Good luck man.

          Sorry if I sounded hostile (honestly). Peter Coffin triggers me.

          1. Sad to hear it. Imagine being someone who has doesn’t know anything about Peter and tries to vet him (which is did by the way). Everything I found was so extreme and obviously biased I had no way to determine what is true. I found a bunch of allegations of him making up a girlfriend or something, which I have no evidence to support or deny. I didn’t see anything about what you’re talking about. By the way the same thing isn’t true for people like Milo or Tommy Robinson. All their shit is right out in the open. But anyway, best wishes.

        2. If you don’t know about the topic or the background of the guest how can you challenge them? There is no way for you to know what to call out. It’s also unrealistic to expect you to know everything about everything. Your crusade against Rubin has now painted you into a corner where you are open to criticism for not pushing back due to any reason.

          I guess the lesson here is when you let Eli produce the show you have to be extra vigilant to find out where the bodies are buried. He audience likely knows the other side.

          I don’t know anything about gamer gate other than its mysoginist conspiracy against female game creators or push back against gaming journalists that give favourable reviews for blow jobs. Who knows where the truth really lies.

  2. I tried to watch those videos but man they are painful. He’s trying so hard, just like in this episode. If this style of comedy is your thing then more power to you, personally I can’t stand this faux edgy bullshit. I hope the next episode deals with some sort of actual issue not two people dancing around some internet controversy one of them clearly doesn’t want to get into but would still like some sympathy for being an internet “victim”.

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