AS288: A Final Election 2016 Episode (VOTE!!!)

I’ve got plenty of interviews loaded up for the coming weeks, so I wanted to get in one final commentary on this election before we vote Trump out of relevance. I’ve got several new thoughts that I haven’t yet expressed in Tommentary form, so don’t worry it’s fresh stuff! I talk about my final verdict on who is to blame for Trump, and how we can learn from it. I talk about different ways republicans have dealt with Trump, from outright support to turning to Hillary. And more.

Please vote! Hillary is way ahead in polls but polls aren’t votes. VOTE!!!

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5 thoughts on “AS288: A Final Election 2016 Episode (VOTE!!!)”

  1. Enjoyed your tommentary. I would emphasize that the ONLY thing different about the republican candidate this year is the extra-despicable package. They ALWAYS have someone with truly horrifying views and judgments. And this is half our choice! I was truly horrified about Bush/Cheney. And how about McCain picking Sara Palin as VP? And yes, Cruz or Rubio or Carson or any of the others from 2016 would all make for HORRIBLE presidents. And, they’ll be back in 2020. We will hopefully breathe a big sigh of relief by stopping Trump, and then we’ll be right where we left off: with a reasonably intelligent decent president who falls quite short of the (or speaking for myself) ideal, with the insane, asinine electoral system, that brings us this uncomfortable choice every time, firmly intact. I think the whole way we elect our President is sickening. And what better proof of that assertion than the bipolar choice we get sticked with every time.

  2. It’s been great following everyone’s thoughts on US elections. As a Canadian, living across the river from Detroit, we’re all wondering what the heck will actually happen post-election. Truly has been a crazy election show…more like a TV reality show. Best of luck! Keep up the great work! I remember reading a chapter in a Grade 11 book called “Shame Games” and it was all about how America was addicted to games that made fun of people…Ironic? Maybe not.

  3. If Ivanka had abandoned her father during this campaign, you can be sure that Donald would cut her out of his will immediately. I am sure she is embarrassed by his behavior but with millions of dollars at stake, she will say what she needs to. We have no real idea what any of Donald’s children really think.

  4. Not that I think that this is necessarily likely, but if you are correct in thinking that right-leaning electorates have a predisposition for an “anyone can do it” anti-establishment candidate, that could spell out major problems even if the Republicans never get elected. If the Republicans are stuck with an “anti-establishment” candidate every cycle, then you’ll get another Trump popping up every four years to lose. That’s because establishment candidates will always be able to spend more on their campaigns. This would essentially give the Democrats a monopoly, which would leave them unchecked, and I already am not huge on the Democratic party.

    Of course, if this were to happen this could also give rise to a different party, though in this voting system it would certainly equilibriate out so that it’s only two parties once again, just different.

  5. Great podcast with a lot of food for thought! A few observations if I may:

    1. I’m a bit of a news junkie and have heard a few conspiracy-esque narratives coming from the left this election cycle. The one most often repeated is that Trump never intended to win the Republican nomination, but tried to use the free publicity and primary clout to launch a new news media empire, Trump TV. Now that he has the nomination, one can imagine the following scenario on election night: It becomes clear that Trump has lost but refuses to give a concession speech; Hilary appears around midnight to accept the presidency, and 10 minutes in Trump interrupts to give his concession in front of a backdrop branded with the new Trump TV slogan at which time he announces this new venture. He’ll pick the carcass that is Fox News of the craziest right wingers, like Hannity, etc., and Fox will become more center-right. Conspiracy? Maybe not, more like speculation. There’s also been this notion on the left that the reason there are so many Republicans in the primary is not that they all really think they have a chance of winning, or even care what’s good for the party, but that they want to increase their speaker’s fees. I’m not that cynical, but have heard from plenty on the left who are.

    2. The only negative attack/personal criticism I heard about Romney in 2012 was the fear that, like a good Mormon, he would hold in higher regard the proclamations of the current Mormon prophet than the Constitution and laws of the United States… and that he wears magic underwear that can stop bullets.

    3. I was living in New York City during the latter half of the Bush/Cheney presidency, listening to Air America Radio and totally drinking all the liberal Kool-Aid. To say that there was “some” conspiracy talk coming from the left at that time is an understatement of gross proportions. I’m too embarrassed to recount here the thoughts I held at that time, even with internet anonymity.

    4. As far as candidates with little to no political experience, Obama might be the closest we’ve ever had in that regard, and it shows. He entered the office with little idea of how to wield the awesome power of the presidency. He’s been a pussy cat compared to what Clinton will be. Here is a woman who will know how to apply pressure and get things done. It will be a bully pulpit the likes of which we haven’t seen since Reagan; assuming the Tea Party obstructionists get swept out. My $.02

    5. The only business man from the left that I might be excited about seeing in the oval office is Elon Musk; but alas he was born in the wrong country. The idea that government needs to be run like a business is a false one in any case; governments are run by consensus, and sometimes at a loss, that is simply their nature.

    6. Finally, on the notion of standing up to Trump, I can remember two years ago how Paul Ryan was the rising star in the Republican party, with a great deal of political momentum. Having been so conciliatory and spineless, and depending on how great the Democratic win, I can now image a scenario where he loses the speaker-ship. Romney, by contrast, comes out of this election cycle shining. Having stood by his principles the entire time, not having waited to denounce the tangerine demagogue.

    Sorry for the long post. Love the podcast and keep up the great work!

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