AS32: Death Penalty with Jake Farr-Wharton, Part 2

In this episode I have part 2 of Jake Farr-Wharton on to discuss the death penalty. You can find him on Twitter @JakeFarrWharton and of course his podcast, The Imaginary Friends Show is on iTunes and elsewhere.

After that I discuss a great comment left on the website by @SallyStrange regarding feminism and Greta Christina. It’s a great topic and one that I will likely come back to from time to time.

One thought on “AS32: Death Penalty with Jake Farr-Wharton, Part 2”

  1. The end of the conversation was great! I had a good laugh at how Jake had his ‘uncle’ hanging on everything that he was saying. Now, the better thing to do after that would have been to point out to the ‘uncle’ how easy it was to get him (the ‘uncle’) to believe him, then teach him or at least show him that his thinking was not skeptical and move him into being more skeptical. That would have been perfect, but maybe that’s my fantasy.

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