AS40: Ex-Witness Harley

We continue the conversation with ex-Jehovah’s Witness Harley, @secularlad. Such a gripping story. I can’t even imagine having to go through the loss of friends and family to the extent that Harley has simply because he no longer buys into absolute nonsense.

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One thought on “AS40: Ex-Witness Harley”

  1. Harley was awesome! He made my heart hurt though (an expression… not literal). I too hope his little sister stays well. JW is a very culty religion. It’s so sad for the people trapped in it. They always send the little kids to my door. I swear, next time, I’m going to answer the door and tell the little kids they’re being brainwashed by adults in a crazy cult. I probably won’t do that but I want to. I really truly believe that indoctrination of children is child abuse. They’re scaring the crap out of little kids. And even little kids are good without god. I know this because my 8 year old atheist granddaughter is the sweetest child on the planet who has already raised hundreds of dollars for cancer research (on her own) as well as a few more hundred for the SPCA. She’s the most loving human being I have ever known.

    Anyway, please tell Harley to stay strong. He sounds like a really nice person.


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