One thought on “AS5: Atheist Churches”

  1. Generally, a good place to seek some community is to a Unitarian Universalist (UU) church. They tend to take the ‘anything goes’ policy and would be typically thought of as an agnostic organization (as opposed to an atheistic organization). Thomas, you may wish to check one out. Most decent sized cities have at least one in the area. I live in Southestern WI and there are three in the greater area (one downtown and one each in the North and West suburbs). I haven’t actually been to the nearest one, but I have an acquaintance that is a leader there. They follow Humanist principles and tend to be very friendly and inviting. Here is their overarching organizational site:

    Complete side note: Are you still looking for WordPress help on the Thomas and the Bible site or this one? I don’t have anything going on and would be willing to help.

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