AS7: Spirituality, Part 2 PLUS Noah Lugeons Interview

Thomas and David wrap up their discussion on spirituality and Oprah’s ignorance, and then welcome the first ever AS Podcast guest Noah Lugeons!

One thought on “AS7: Spirituality, Part 2 PLUS Noah Lugeons Interview”

  1. I’m really enjoying the show and will be reviewing on iTunes as soon as i get off the road. For some reason my laptop hates truck stop WiFi.

    I just wanted to say UU rhymes with “woo woo”and that was certainly my experience with it. I still have good friends from my college days in UU, but there was a ton of new age bullshittery involved. It did make me a bit more skeptical though, as i was just coming out of Church of Christ doctrine. Being subjected to all the various forms of woo and being encouraged to research other viewpoints solidified my view that religion was just nonsense.

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