AS79: The Portable Atheist, Part 3

We’re back to our Portable Atheists studies! I love these! This time, we’re reading Of Religion by Thomas Hobbes, from his book called Leviathan. It’s very fascinating, and brilliant of course. Tune in and hear my summary and analysis!

Also, I discuss a couple comments about the pro-life debate. Since I asked specifically for comments regarding the right to actually kill the child (rather than just not give it sustenance) I figure I ought to actually read the comments I got!

One thought on “AS79: The Portable Atheist, Part 3”

  1. Thomas, I think it would be interesting to talk about the boat problem with Tracie Harris from the atheist experience. She has a hard line approach to moral dilemmas like the trolley problem that I think would like to hear applied to this. I don’t want to speak for her, but she has stated that the moment one takes an action that harms another, like throwing the switch for the trolley, one has made an immoral decision. I would love to hear her solution to this one.

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