AS9: Purpose and Meaning

The guys discuss the biggest life questions and how to deal with them as atheists.  Should we be happy?  Is there any meaning to anyone’s life?

2 thoughts on “AS9: Purpose and Meaning”

  1. As a relatively new atheist, I find my life much more satisfying and content with the absence of religion. Happiness comes in many forms and has many triggers. Depression is necessary in our lives to give us the drive to improve ourselves. I’m happier in my life now as an atheist knowing that I alone am responsible for my actions and interactions with others versus asking for or believing in divine interventions when things get tough.

  2. Purpose and meaning in an atheist view. The human race is beautiful. It’s art. It’s one of a kind. That is the positive half we should not forget against the negative events, actions, and pov’s that nag humanity.

    1) One of a kind. If capitalism can lend some of it’s virtue by analogy, against the backdrop of lifelessness surrounding the earth in the Universe (from what we know). Our existence is Beautiful. It is one of a kind. And because we are limited, our value is immeasurably priceless. Every life, every moment is precious. Like the value of water when roaming in the vast desert, nothing can compare to life on earth.

    2) Finite lives = everything matters. Everything. Since we live for so short of time, and have fleeting time to make our lives a testament of our existence. And if humanity is fated to just last but just a moment in the universes eyes (just as our individual lives), it is irony of this very fact that makes us matter. Value is attributed due to limits. If something was limitless or you could get infinite amount of something, it would cease being valuable.

    3) And since we have finite lives and we as a species that are unique in the universe, then everything has meaning. Everything is important. Everything (good i would argue) needs to be cherished. I would even argue that you can even devise a moral code from these arguments and pov. But I think you get my drift.

    Against a Theistic point of view, I think the atheist can have a more poetic and even more beautiful world view. One that cherishes this world, and not pine for the afterlife, where infinity would dilute and de value our time in the here and now. I would argue that in their world view, meaningless is all you find when you become infinite.

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