2 thoughts on “AS92: Former Officer Bobby C on Ferguson, part 2”

  1. We know for a fact that Wilson was aware of the robbery prior to the stop. The police radio has has the “bolo”, and Wilson responding to it asking the officer who were looking for the suspects if they needed assistance. Visit http://www.stltoday.com/news/multimedia/special/darren-wilson-s-radio-calls-show-fatal-encounter-was-brief/html_79c17aed-0dbe-514d-ba32-bad908056790.html to hear the recordings for yourself. The chief, who’s statement has been misrepresented only says that the “initial” stop wasn’t related to the robbery. He even makes that clearer in an interview with CNN on the same day as his press conference.
    From CNN
    Jackson, the Ferguson police chief, told CNN that Wilson confronted Brown for being in the road, not the robbery.
    “I guess that is when he might have seen … evidence and connected it” to the robbery, Jackson said — without explicitly tying the two incidents together himself. http://www.cnn.com/2014/08/15/us/missouri-teen-shooting/ 

  2. Great point about the environment. Not only is there going to be more hostility directed towards the cop, but he’s going to be more worried about his safety than he would be in a million dollar neighborhood,

    One debate I was listening to on TV today someone pointed out that if Garner, and Brown had simply complied with the lawful orders they were given it’s likely they would still be alive. Someone immediately screamed “you’re blaming the victim”. While that’s a perfectly legitimate thing to say in a rape case when someone points out that a woman was dressed provocatively, it isn’t here. Both Brown, and Garner were breaking the law by not complying, so yes they do in fact share the blame for the escalation of the situation.

    My point is any solution to situations like these are not going to be solved by police alone. As long as people resist arrest there are going to be people hurt, and or killed. Unless we expect police to just let people go, or expect then to apprehend people in ways that might reduce injuries to suspects, but increase the risk for police.

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