AS94: Islamism; Patron of the Week

You’ve no doubt heard of the awful incidents of the past few days. In Australia, several people were held hostage for hours and two ended up losing their lives. And of course, in Peshuar in a far more horrifying incident, the Taliban killed 141, most of whom were school children. Do these two atrocities committed by Muslim men have anything in common? Is Islam at all to blame for either?

Then, we have Patron of the week Roger on for a great discussion!

One thought on “AS94: Islamism; Patron of the Week”

  1. “The studio has officially scrapped its release plans. Sony had little choice here, after the major theater chains announced earlier today they would not display the film given the threatening circumstances.”

    So apparently it wasn’t really their choice. It was the fact that theaters weren’t going to show it.

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