AS99: 100 Episodes Celebration Week, with Cog Dis!

This week I have Tom and Cecil, two of my absolute top 100 favorite guests, on to celebrate 100 episodes of Atheistically Speaking! In today’s episode we discuss a variety of impromptu topics, and then on Thursday we’ll have an interesting discussion on free speech. These guys are the best! Thank you all for 100 episodes!

2 thoughts on “AS99: 100 Episodes Celebration Week, with Cog Dis!”

  1. Excellent episode, I particularly appreciated the point, which I’ve often made, that religion is a problem even most of the negative things it inspired is due to a misinterpretation. First of all it’s exceptionally easy to misinterpret, and not only because it’s writing can be vague, but because a believer will assume that God is not trying to mislead then when they understand the text to mean something, whereas an ideology written by men might. So you’re going to read something like Mein Kampf, or The Communist Manifesto much more critically. Also you’re going to take an ideology written by the infallible omnipotent, omnipotent creator of the universe much more seriously, and follow it more dogmatically than one written by Hitler, or Marx.

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