AS155: Cognitive Dissonance

The guys are back! Well, we intended to talk about the Tim Hunt stuff, and its implications on free expression, etc, BUT we got a little sidetracked.  I thought the recording was comedy gold, but in case anyone disagrees, you get a 2 for 1 deal on Thursday, during which time we ACTUALLY talk about Tim Hunt and the implications on free expression… Until then. Here’s this!

2 thoughts on “AS155: Cognitive Dissonance”

  1. I am sure that both you and Cognitive Dissonance have received some comments about it, but I was listening to your comments about Serial – another podcast (undisclosed, also on stitcher) discuss how Jay knew about the location of the car (cops pre-interviewed him for 3 hours before they started recording) so there’s a good chance that they hinted to him or led him to the car. Also if you listen to the taped interview you hear tapping when Jay is giving his story as if he is being coached by the cops. Also, strangulation takes longer than 2 mins and autopsy reports are inconsistent with their story.
    Apart from that love your show (I’m a new listener) and am a huge of Tom and Cecil — keep up the good work

    1. Yeah someone else pointed out Undisclosed to me, which sounds like the source of all this info. I can’t quite think of why police would have fed Jay the location of the car. It’s a bizarre conspiracy theory. I think there is some weird stuff going on, but I can’t fully subscribe to the idea that they fed Jay the car location, fed him all this info, all so they could frame an innocent man while meanwhile they had all kinds of incriminating evidence on Jay.

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