AS156: Cognitive Dissonance on Tim Hunt

Alright, Cognitive Dissonance, take 2! This time we’re here for real, and the topic at hand is the Tim Hunt controversy. Find out Tom and Cecil’s take on the matter, and see what their responses to some counter arguments are!

2 thoughts on “AS156: Cognitive Dissonance on Tim Hunt”

  1. Hi! I was interested to hear you, Tom and Cecil talk about Tim Hunt. I think you answered the question as fairly as possible and looked at it from a number of different angles. I agree the punishment was disproportionate. … after all his science should have nothing to with his personal ideas or stupid remarks. Yet, as a woman, I could not help to feel as if this entire show was also “mansplaining” the situation. I cringed through much of episode!

    When I heard about Tim Hunt, I was outraged. It strikes a nerve for women… not just in science, but in every aspect of our lives. Women always have to prove themselves…. even in woman-dominated field like mine: I’m a librarian.

    I don’t think he should have lost everything he did, but I do think some action was necessary. His apology didn’t cover it, and I must say your idea on the show of segregated science is awful! Women are often blamed for “causing” men to be distracted which is unfair to the woman. If you can’t be professional and work with others, it’s you who have the problem.

    I hope you revisit Tim Hunt as a topic and incude a woman on your panel. Some experiences can only be understood by those who have lived them.

    I still love your show and I still stay glory hole, mother f*ckers! But I had to write and give my own feelings because the show struck a nerve with me.

    Susan the kicka$$ librarian. 🙂

    1. I certainly don’t endorse segregated science. Did Tom and Cecil say that? Yeah I may revisit it in the future, and if I do I will definitely include women in the discussion. I’d be happy to have you on! Thanks for the comment.

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