AS158: “My Father’s Funeral Was Stopped By Gay Marriage”

Yeah, you heard that right. But first, it’s a continuation of Monday’s episode with Nathanael. He turned the interview back on me, and we continued the exchange. Overall I’m very happy to have talked with Nathanael and while I of course disagree with any supernatural claims, he’s a great guy who is doing a lot of good in the world.

But now onto a bizarre and sad story in the second half (starts at 18:30). A listener, Josh, wrote to ask my help in spreading awareness of some very callous and heartless actions his family’s church of 30 years took in response to a very reasonable request regarding his father’s funeral. It’s an awful example of how bigotry can trump all with some churches.

You can find Nathanael at and his twitter @npvitkus

2 thoughts on “AS158: “My Father’s Funeral Was Stopped By Gay Marriage””

  1. Your explanation of the God you had constructed very much echo’s my own thinking when I was young. While as a child I wasn’t knowledgeable or sophisticated enough to dismiss the idea due to lack of evidence. (everyone was telling me God did exist of course) The God I believed in was certainly at least as compassionate, and loving as I was. He was nothing like the God I later learned of when I read the bible myself, as opposed to having it spoon fed to me in Sunday school.

  2. Did Josh ever share his story to the news media? That story was so heartbreaking; no church should be allowed to be that petulant and selfish just so they have the right to discriminate against a minority.

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