AS159: Tommentary; Interview with Ishmael

First I have some things to say about the whole Cecil the lion debacle. After that, I have a cool interview with Ishmael of  Ishmael was inspired by my interview with Rondale to possibly start a podcast. When you hear him, maybe you’ll agree with me that he really ought to host a podcast! He’s entertaining, opinionated, and bound for great things.

You can also find him on twitter @angryblackrant

3 thoughts on “AS159: Tommentary; Interview with Ishmael”

  1. OK, I agree as far as the Tim Hunt thing goes, but largely because it was a rush to judgement. I don’t think many of us would find it nearly as problematic if twitter had exposed him and he was an actual raging sexist/misogynist. Sure I feel bad for the guy who killed the lion, but I feel badly for someone who accidentally kills someone in the heat of passion, and regrets it, but I still want him to suffer the consequences. I wonder how many first world hunters are going to pay 50 grand to hunt a lion after this? I doubt there would be any legal consequences (if there are) resulting from this if it weren’t for the furor online, and if there were it would get the attention this has gotten.

  2. “What should the punishment be.” None. He did nothing illegal. Regardless of what you think of it, its a industry. The people of Zimbabwe see nothing wrong with it, and it brings in millions of dollars a year. Normally, I’m not one for the bullshit concept of “privilege,” but this comes pretty close to it. The people who are against this are all residents of the first world, who don’t have to worry about becoming a part of the food chain.

    1. Luring the lion out wasn’t illegal? Or do you think the local hunters bear all the blame for that? If so, I actually tend to agree. I don’t mind there being a social stigma for hunting, because it’s not a practice I like, but I think the massive social punishment is way too much.

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