AS160: Ishmael, Part 2

Today we have part two of Ishmael from  Ishmael was inspired by my interview with Rondale to possibly start a podcast. When you hear him, maybe you’ll agree with me that he really ought to host a podcast! He’s entertaining, opinionated, and bound for great things.

You can also find him on twitter @angryblackrant

6 thoughts on “AS160: Ishmael, Part 2”

  1. I’m confused. Are white straight males only supposed to give our silent support for issues regarding women, non-whites, and non-heterosexuality? Are we not allowed to have a vocal opinion without he supervision of someone who is not our race, sex and gender? And are Latino transgender women not allowed to speak about Chinese hermaphrodites? But then if we don’t support those issues which we agree with, then we are taken to be part of the problem. You can’t win either way.
    We never thrust upon the religious a prohibition to talk about atheism without an atheist present. Instead we vet their discourse appropriately. Should we only have talks about poverty with someone who is poor? Can we not have a discussion of dead beat dads without a bastard in the room? How about the rich, androgynous, albinos, little-people, children with ADHD, Astrologers, rape victims, or people with Tourettes Syndrom? Where does it end? I tend to withhold my support of any cause if I’m not granted the respect to have an opinion on such matters. As if I had to seek others approval before opening my mouth.

      1. I’m sorry, you must have not listened to the show. I wasn’t critisizing anyone on the show, I was commenting about their discussion at 15:15, speaking on listeners who think that you need to have representation from specific groups when talking about their group. It’s nice to have a well rounded panel but its not always feasible and not entirely necessary. In other words, I was agreeing with them. Feel free to listen to the show. It was very good.

  2. That was a great discussion with Ishmael. It makes me want more and more diverse voices speaking up to let their perspectives be heard.
    I can’t stop being a white, cisgender male so that will always be the lens through which i see the world. But as I am able to hear more perspectives I am able to widen my view.

  3. So about the problem of not being able to discuss non-white or non-male topics, this is bullshit. Its a simple way to not address the argument being made.

    It is racist and sexist to invalidate someone’s opinion or argument based on their skin color or gender.

    I was trying to find a video from youtuber sargon of Akkad that talked more about this but I couldn’t find a good example. Still, here’s an interesting discussion and either one of these gents would make a great guest for your podcast.

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