AS20: The Holy Church of Hobby Lobby, with Noah Lugeons (Part 2)

Thomas and Noah continue the discussion on Hobby Lobby, and then take things to a more esoteric place with a discussion about an experiment described on Freakonomics.

One thought on “AS20: The Holy Church of Hobby Lobby, with Noah Lugeons (Part 2)”

  1. So you made a comment about the free market and the schism between the liberal and the conservative views of the free market. This is slightly tangential, but I think it’s worth talking about… and if this is something that’s been talked to death elsewhere, I’d like to see how the discussion went. My thought is that there really should be no schism, as both views are completely correct. The problem comes from lack of information.

    Most people don’t know enough about where there money is going to make those kinds of monetary voting decisions. If we had a series of regulated indexes that clearly labeled how the companies use that money.

    Imagine a world where every product a label had information about how the company performed the previous fiscal year. How much of the total wages went to the small minority at the top vs the large majority at the bottom.
    Average Manhour/Injury.
    Some kind of measure for how much risk banks take.

    I dunno, the idea sounds great in my head, but trying it out makes me feel like a dirty commie. I’m just another guy who is pissed off about income inequality, who maybe has too much faith that people would be willing to pay a modest premium for good ethical behavior if they knew how to buy it.

    I just want a way to give the people at the bottom power so they can shake the money tree so they can get that “trickle down” they were promised. Sadly we live in a society where the wealthiest among could take huge paycuts without any sacrifice to creature comforts, but they won’t, because the only personal validation they get of their own self worth is the size of their bank account.

    Damn Bourgeoisie…
    I may not be a soviet Sympathizer, but I would not want to run into Joseph McCarthy in a dark alley after that rant.

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