AS21: When Cognitive Met Dissonance, with Tom and Cecil (Part 1)

Special guests Tom and Cecil from Cognitive Dissonance!  The three discuss how Cog Dis pod began, and how each of them relates with religious people in their personal lives.

One thought on “AS21: When Cognitive Met Dissonance, with Tom and Cecil (Part 1)”

  1. I am with Thomas here, but may go even further, as I think that people who follow a religion, have either not thought about the world, or cannot think, and both of these are a problem.
    I knew from the ages of 6-8 that none of the world religions could be true. This was because you could not have one which says there is only one God, and another which says there are multiple Gods. If this was the case, then the God or Gods would have had no power to put forward their case.
    It also seemed to me, that all the Gods in fantasy writing could perform great magics, but we see none of this in the world.
    By the age of 10 I thought that the religious people around me were rather stupid, or their brains just could not work out that the lack of any ‘Godly’ powers in the world, must mean that there was no God.
    Now I think that most religious people fall into three categories. The ones who have been brainwashed as children, the ones who lie to themselves as adults and the ones who don’t give it any thought, but say they are religious.
    I can forgive the first and feel sorry for them.
    The second I just don’t understand how they can function in our world, and are the most dangerous.
    The third just don’t have the courage to examine what they think.
    The scarey thing is that most people in the world seem to not have the ability to asses data, and its scary.
    Thanks for the great show.

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