3 thoughts on “AS207: Abortion Debate Criticisms, Part 2”

  1. I had a question about Tyler’s position on a human person. Do you know if Tyler accepts evolutions by natural selection for humans? Because when then did animals become humans? What is the distinction?

  2. Bodily integrity/rights/sovereignty is not in the US constitution, because our founders had slaves. The constitution is not perfect.

    Pro-life personhood advocates focus on selective abortion (18% of pregnancies terminated in the US), but ignore natural miscarriage (50% of pregnancies terminated worldwide.) If personhood was really their honest priority, they would advocate that 1 in 3 women are murders and should be jailed. They would create, lobby for, and fund medical foundations for the reduction of natural miscarriage. If personhood of embryos/zygotes/fetuses was their true conviction, they would have funerals and burials for each miscarriage. Churches would be booming with daily ceremonies for pre-infants. We would have millions of graveyards with matchbox to kleenex box sized coffins. But that, instead of sounding serious, just sounds silly. Because personhood advocates have never really focused on anything but pictures of fetuses, not the actual fetuses. They don’t treat these portraits reverently, as we might expect a portrait of a true person to be treated. No, they are just used as protest posters to and harrass, shame, and threaten women, and terrorize clinics and doctors.
    I must conclude that this is because women are making life choices for themselves; owning their sexual pleasure and body agency. This ability of women owning themselves is a very recent historical position. Womens privacy and ownership rights only go back a century in the US, and are still a dream in large parts of the world. Patriarchy is bred deep into our human civilization. Women’s equality is shocking and threatening and scary to the patriachal worldview. Thats why “personhood advocates” only focus on fetal rights where it serves the purpose of regressing women’s rights.

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