AS208: Misogyny, PZ Myers, and Politics

I’ve got some commentary on the aforementioned issues. Lots of stuff. PLUS big announcement for next week’s shows!!

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8 thoughts on “AS208: Misogyny, PZ Myers, and Politics”

  1. First I don’t believe it happens more to women, people just notice it more because women are seen as delicate flowers, and people get more worked up about it than they do when it happens to men, Secondly women milk it when it happens. Most people don’t have a problem with a woman complaining about receiving negative comments, they get mostly sympathy when they do Men on the other hand are seen as weak, or pussies when they complain about, or point out negative comments they receive. Finally even if women did get more negative comments it’s because people feel they’ll get more of a rise out of women by calling her a c*** than they will from calling a man a d***, and getting a rise, or upsetting the person is the point.

    1. I wanted to add I say this as the owner operator of a medium size ir chat network for 15+ years. I consider myself an expert on trolls, and trolling. I know what they do, and why they do it. A person who calls a woman a c*** is no more a misogynist than someone who calls a man a d*** is a misandrist. They might be, but trolling comments are no indicator of it one way or another,

  2. So is the flap over Emma Watson that she outted Alan Rickman as one of those slimy damned feminists after he passed away and couldn’t rebut her? It sounds like he had outted himself some time before his death. We just have to remember to oppose feminism at every turn whether our opposition makes any sense or not.

    I hope Bernie’s ready, because what Sarah Palin will bring to the Trump campaign is definition. She’ll be able to to explain to us exactly what he stands for, be it pish and posh, rumble and bumble, flap and doodle or balder and dash! And then we’ll able to make an informed decision. We will have been very blessed at that point.

    PS: Do you think Sarah can explain how Mexico will be forced to pay for the border wall, ’cause apparently Donald can’t. Maybe it’s secret like Nixon’s plan for victory in Viet Nam. I think that one’s still secret.

  3. I love your podcast. I love your even approach to every topic. Your voice is one of only a few that I’m able tolerate in the atheist community. Most others seem to be engaged in some kind of intellectual masturbation. Where their content hinges on demonization, yours hinges on discussion.

    Now allow me to complain.

    This feels like the first episode in a while to mark a return to form. Lately, it feels like the show has been engaged in some kind of podcast ouroboros. You may already be aware of this as you briefly said something regarding the “comments of comments” near the start of this episode. Yeah, it was getting exhausting.

    The show is also peppered with these tiny meta-tangents. I actually love when a podcast goes off on a tangent, but not when the tangent is about the mechanics of the podcast. The thing that finally set me off was your transition into the political portion of the show. It was something like two minutes of caveat capped by a comment about the listeners knowing how much time is left in the episode. I know how much time is left! I don’t want it taken up by this! I crave your opinions. That’s why I’m listening. Get to the content!

    Reminder: I love your show.


    1. Thank you for the feedback. Don’t worry, I didn’t deduct the time it took me to make that observation from the time I was going to spend on the remaining topic, I promise… lol. I think you’re right, I ought to refrain from meta-podcast comments.

  4. I would be interested in hearing Tyler on again only if the topic is more focused on practical, real-life consequences of illegal abortion. I think he’s had more than enough time to talk about personhood, and I don’t think it would be useful to debate it anymore. I want to know how he thinks pregnancies should be handled. Should a women be punished for having an abortion? Should the father? How do you punish a single mom without harming her children? When is a miscarriage “natural”, and when is it provoked or intentional and therefore equivalent to an abortion? Who decides that? How much risk does a women need to be in before she can have an abortion to save her life? Can she threaten suicide to get an abortion, or would she then need to be jailed/monitored to prevent the suicide? I think it would be great to have one of the women you had on with him or another woman, but if you would be able to keep him on topic and press him when he says things that don’t make sense it would be fine with just you two.

    As a woman who never wants children, pregnancy is one of my biggest fears. It’s like on the level of the monster in Aliens coming out of the guy’s stomach, except it’s real and could happen at any time – if I’m unlucky enough to have birth control fail or be raped. Because of this, I can feel that I may have a lot of cognitive dissonance about abortion. I do not see a clump of cells my body decides to form without my consent as a person, and I also don’t want to see it that way because if it is a person then it’s a threat to my life or my quality of life. If Tyler could talk about how making abortion illegal would work practicality, maybe he could get rid of some of this fear. Would I be forced to go through a pregnancy, pay for it, risk my life and quality of life all because I was raped or my husband’s vasectomy failed? Would I be given support in any way to help me through it or to compensate for the time and risks involved? How much surveillance would be necessary to figure out I got pregnant and make sure I don’t abort or try to deliberately miscarry?

    For the majority of women who aren’t deathly afraid of pregnancy and want to have children, there are still a lot of fears there. Would a woman be forced to bring an unviable pregnancy to full term because the fetus is still “alive” in some sense? Would miscarriages be investigated to determine whether or not it was murder? Will she be punished for any drugs or alcohol or risky behavior she engages in while pregnant? Does this include things like driving too fast or taking antidepressants or medication that hasn’t been tested for use during pregnancy? (The majority of medication) Will more women die because doctors are hesitant to preform abortions to save lives?

    1. I wanted to add that I understand Tyler or people like him may say “but it’s murder” and believe all the negative consequences of forced pregnancies are outweighed by the prevented murders. If fetuses are people, that could be right. I think I am right when I say that fetuses aren’t people and they don’t have the same rights as adult women. I think science is on my side with that. However, I feel so strongly about this issue that I honestly don’t know what could sufficiently convince me that a fetus deserves a right to life, and I could easily be ignoring what I don’t want to see. That’s why I think there’s such a disconnect between people who only think bodily autonomy matters and people who only think personhood matters. In order to convince me that abortion is wrong, you would need to first convince me that I don’t have a right to my body if it ever gets pregnant, regardless of whether or not a fetus is a person. For Tyler or others like him, I think it’s just the opposite.

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