AS209: Twitter Trolls and Online Harassment, with Eli Bosnick

This episode came about in kind of an interesting way.. I explain in the first few minutes of the show. Long story short, Eli is here to talk about Twitter and our blocking policies (or lacks thereof). We also go into harassment online and what the implications are for the atheism movement and other movements.

2 thoughts on “AS209: Twitter Trolls and Online Harassment, with Eli Bosnick”

    (Note in the study that women find harrassment more bothersome meaning it’s meantioned more by women, and thus noted in media more often when it occurs to them)

    Yale also did a study that found men are harassed more often as well, can’t find the link. Maybe someone else can.

    One a positive note, and related to the how women respond to perceived harassment is the not guilty verdict rendered in Canada for Gregory Elliott in the Twitter harassment case, Elliot was charged with criminal harassment of two feminists. The judge in his ruling said the following. That “he believed the women felt they were being harassed, but that it was not “objectively reasonable” for them to fear for their safety.” It’s that over the top, unreasonable response we see from women that makes it appear to be happening more often to them.

  2. Due to my lack of being interested in most social media, I also had to look into the issue of gamergate. All I can ask is WTF happened! How did the reasonable critiques to Anita S first video and her woman and troopes thing turn into this full scale war. If i was to just look at the videos i think Anita is just projecting to much into a game or is looking for the very small parts which offend her.
    That should have been it. Comments made and her looking like she was biased. How did this transform into threats on both sides.

    Why has it transformed the meaning on the word feminist in some people’s mind.
    I just don’t understand why the insults to people have come from this, or did I miss something?

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