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AS222: The N Word, with Ishmael Brown

My guest today is Ishmael Brown, host of Angry Black Rant! His podcast may or may not have been somewhat inspired by yours truly… But that’s neither here nor there, as he’s here today to talk about the N word. Should we use it? Can white people use it? If Sam Jackson tells you to use it, should you? We also delve into the US’s terrible racial past a little bit. Much more to come in part 2!

Access part 2 right away here.

2 thoughts on “AS222: The N Word, with Ishmael Brown”

  1. First of all I never commented about it, but yeah I suspect Phil hasn’t listened to the show for very long.
    I also wanted to thank you for what I perceived as kind comments. I want to point out first of all that I don’t get as frustrated by our interaction as you seem to, perhaps because I’m not as convince that I’m correct as you seem to be that you are. I comment in part because I respect you, I probably agree with you 90% of the time, and my point is to challenge you to convince me I’m wrong.
    That being said I echo you in encouraging more people to take part in the discussions here, We can always benefit form more opinions.

    1. Thanks for discussing my comment on the show. I have been a listener for a while and my point was not about what the podcast has been, but the direction it seems to have recently taken. My critique was focused on three recent issues on the podcast. 1) the Dawkins video, 2) your position on the Rubin Report, and 3) your reaction to Tommy Robinson’s tweets. In short, the reason I listen is because your podcasts are insightful and informative, but it’s just not interesting when you spend a lot of time on issues such as that cartoon is not funny, I don’t listen to that guy because his show is an echo chamber, or that was a really mean tweet. I also think there is more going on with those topics than your are willing to discuss. More specifically , 1) I think your concern with the Dawkins video as not being funny was not the real issue. I thought the tone of contempt in the discussions indicated something much deeper that went unsaid; 2) Dave Rubin certainly comes from the left and while I agree with your comment that he mostly interviews people who agree with him, I think he has a lot to offer on the topic so I am surprised with your dismissive approach; and 3) Tommy Robinson’s Twitter Comment was pretty benign when compared to much of the other mean spirited stuff on the web. This week on Cognitive Dissonance they said that “Michelle Bachman looks like a f*ck doll.” While I would not expect every sexist statement that occurs to be denounced, the choice here seems a little selective. Maybe you do it all the time and I am missing it. In my opinion the issues with Dawkins, Rubin, and Tommy Robinson are about much more than bad humor, bad interviews, and bad manners. So if it that’s not the case, then my bad. On the other hand, why not articulate and confront the actual issues? A few podcasts ago you indicated you wanted to have a discussion between the left and the progressive left. I was really looking forward to that, and I hope you have a show that discusses this in the future.

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