AS223: Angry Black Rant

Today we’ve got a lot more discussion with Ishmael Brown, host of Angry Black Rant! This time we talk about Black Lives Matter and whether or not their protests go too far! And there are other topics and laughs and lots of good stuff!

One thought on “AS223: Angry Black Rant”

  1. This is a great episode! Thomas Smith had cutting questions, and Angry Black Rant is brilliant, per usual!

    Count me among those opposed to issuing blank-checks here. In short: decisions can/may be made in private — that’s part-&-parcel to the art of activism! — but those outside the inner-circle (e.g. any and all who weren’t involved in the decision-making process leading up to the action) have the right & responsibility to question and criticize, especially if they sincerely disagree!

    Ishmael is a persuasive orator, and he made some fantastic points, but this didn’t end with a checkmate. 😉

    P.S. Great audio quality! AM/FM gold!

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