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AS15: Do Atheists Read the Bible Too Literally?

Thomas discusses an article about how progressive Christians read the bible and whether it has any merit.  Are atheists reading the bible too literally?

AS14: Should Christians/Atheists Be Nice to Atheists/Christians?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Thomas is forced to go it alone in this episode where he discusses whether or not Christians ought to be nice when dealing with Atheists.

AS13: Poetry and Solipsism

The Road Not Taken doesn’t mean what you think it does…  Thomas discusses an interesting intellectual journey he went through and the guys apply it to art and to atheism in general.

AS12: Atheists in Foxholes and Related Areas

Thomas and David discuss some comments, as well as this episode’s topic:  Whether or not atheists might have a harder time giving their lives for a cause.

AS11: Herding Atheists, with Jake Farr-Wharton

AS Podcast welcomes its second ever guest, Jake Farr-Wharton!  The three discuss Jake’s background, and to what extent atheist groups should be political.

AS8: How to Sell Atheism, with Noah Lugeons

The guys continue their discussion with Noah Lugeons of The Scathing Atheist and turn their focus towards selling atheism in the public arena.

AS7: Spirituality, Part 2 PLUS Noah Lugeons Interview

Thomas and David wrap up their discussion on spirituality and Oprah’s ignorance, and then welcome the first ever AS Podcast guest Noah Lugeons!

AS6: Spirituality and Atheism, Part 1

In this episode, the guys talk about using terms such as “spirituality” as an atheist.  They also discuss some great comments from listeners!