AS24: The Girl Who Asked the Question, with Tracey Moody

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This is part 2 with Tracey Moody. In this episode we discover that Tracey was THE one who asked the question “What, if anything, would change your mind?” at the Ham v Nye debate!!  This was total happenstance but was a very fortunate coincidence.

You can find Tracey at

AS23: Herding (Female) Atheists, with Tracey Moody

Thomas introduces a new segment called Weekly Tommentary.  After that, special guest Tracey Moody comes on to tell a compelling story about her experiences trying to start a female atheist group in Tennessee.

AS21: When Cognitive Met Dissonance, with Tom and Cecil (Part 1)

Special guests Tom and Cecil from Cognitive Dissonance!  The three discuss how Cog Dis pod began, and how each of them relates with religious people in their personal lives.

AS20: The Holy Church of Hobby Lobby, with Noah Lugeons (Part 2)

Thomas and Noah continue the discussion on Hobby Lobby, and then take things to a more esoteric place with a discussion about an experiment described on Freakonomics.

AS19: The Holy Church of Hobby Lobby, with Noah Lugeons (Part 1)

Thomas and Noah talk about the Hobby Lobby case in the supreme court this week while doing their best to be unbiased about an issue that’s a complete no brainer.

AS18: Herd Mentalist, Adam Reakes! (Part 2)

Part 2 of my interview with Adam Reakes of the Herd Mentality Podcast!  We talk about more random topics, and crack a few more jokes.  Adam announces his candidacy for president of North Korea.

AS17: Herd Mentalist, Adam Reakes! (Part 1)

Special guest Adam Reakes of the Herd Mentality podcast!  Thomas and Adam discuss a multitude of atheism topics including the debate strategy of greats like Ray Comfort and Deepak Chopra.

AS16: Do Atheists Read the Bible Too Literally? (Part 2)

Thomas finishes up the article on reading the bible as a progressive Christian.  Also, should we be happy that Fred Phelps is dying?

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